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Reconstruction of bomb shelters


For historical reasons, during the cold war and after the Great Patriotic War a massive building work had been undertaken.

There were shelters built all over the country: under factories and research institutes, transport companies and organizations of any kind – that was pretty much the politics of the USSR at that time, to create as many bunkers as possible in case for any emergency situation or military incursion.

After Soviet breakup, Russia inherited a hefty amount of buildings that needed to be maintained. Many of them were reconstructed for business purposes, some were flooded, put to the sack and just left without service, totally forgotten.

Nowadays we perform reconstruction works of form bunkers, bomb shelters, protective shelters of all kinds and objects of civil defense and emergency situations. While every object has its own specifications, protective facilities are built according to construction norms and specifications (SNiP) II-11-77. After capital repairs and replacement of all life-support systems, bomb shelter is going to be put to use.

If you’re interested in personal safety, we carry out all kinds of works on constructing private bunkers and shelters.


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