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Safe (panic) room

Safe (panic) room

Safe (panic) room has been designed to provide a secure retreat for people and possessions in case of any critical situation, be it a criminal intrusion or any sort of attack, whether nuclear or biological. It has to be equipped with a number of communication facilities for calling police or the emergency services. On the other hand, secure room is designed like a vault, where you can keep your assets safely, while being disguised as a regular room and fitted with armored doors similar to the ones used to reinforce bank vaults.

Along with the rising trend for panic rooms as an advanced, high-end way to protect you and your family, it will significantly add to the estimated cost of your property in case of any further sales.

You can also come across other names for a panic room due to their type and main function:

These types of rooms serve as a concealed, safe environment in event of tornadoes, floods, forest fires, storms and other cases of natural disasters.

It’s also efficient with all kinds of threats like:

Our company SIS-Projektstroy develops an exceptional product on the Russian market. We construct bespoke underground bunkers, that can and should be used in peaceful time as a highly-elaborated shelter in case of any danger. Your kids could be easily hidden within these reinforced fortresses in the event of any threats mentioned above. Safe room is fully equipped for a secure, self-sufficient being until help arrives.

Your safe room allows you to keep yourself and your family away from: