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Work stages



It’s a starting point to meet your requirements, where we confirm main stages of work, terms, designing process and construction of your future protective resort (bunker).  These conditions, after having been verbally agreed, are being implemented through the following steps, described below.

Aiming to create a technical requirement for your project, we:

  1. Send you a questionnaire on all main points of the future project (e.g.: if there are any documents of the land survey, geological investigation, number of people you want to shelter, their gender, etc.).
  2. Carry out a detailed analysis, make all necessary clarifications and corrections if needed, as a result we find the best layout, equipment and engineering solutions.
  3. After all arrangements have been agreed, send you an elaborated technical requirement with a complete calculation of the design, as well as the construction.

As a final step of this work stage we create and sign a contract price protocol on all forthcoming tasks.

Our company guarantees absolute confidentiality; with us you can be sure that the installation of your safe room is kept under close wraps!

There won’t be a single person to have noticed the construction process –  we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all team members.

In peaceful time

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