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Waterproofing of a bomb shelter


Before designing a project of a protective construction, it’s of great importance to elaborate waterproof protection of a future facility. If bunker is set underground, it needs to have protection against damp and water pressure.


Waterproofing works are separated into several stages:


Waterproofing of concrete constructions will not allow damp to penetrate through concrete and create humidity inside a building. Ultra-tough concrete with waterproofing complex and external waterproof with materials based on bitumen will provide necessary damp resistance.

Designing a basin for a future bunker breaks down groundwater flow. So, basin serves as a reservoir for the water coming in. In this situation, it’s required to take some steps to drainage water from a protective construction.

Drainage of a site is held after a geological survey of a future shelter and creating groundwater maps, which shows the best direction to pull out the water.

Specialists of company “STEELS Engineering” have expertise in constructing bomb shelters and private protective constructions.

Waterproofing of a bomb shelter is an essential step to remember. Contact us and you will get a project in a precise accordance with your expectations.