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Stand-alone power system of a bomb shelter

Stand-alone power system

For a proper functioning of life-supporting systems you need to have a stand-alone power system as long as electricity delivery is the first thing to fall out in case of emergency.

Autonomy time depends a lot on what kind of electricity source has been chosen.

These are complementary sources of stand-alone power system:

Technical room that contains an energy center has to be insulated from living rooms. All communications must have a necessary level of protection. Ideally, along with the shutdown of the main channel, stand-alone power system activates immediately. This strategy is used by all data centers and strategic objects to provide no-break equipment operation. 

As living rooms as well as technical ones have to be equipped with light sources. Along with that facilities of civil defense and emergency situations are to have light frames with the indication of inputs and outputs.                                          

It’s not allowed to use daylight lamps because they contain mercury which is toxic in case of entering any living space.