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Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological Wastewater Treatment

It’s necessary to purify and remove water from an underground bunker. The best solution is a Biological Wastewater Treatment with a few aero tanks for a further water reuse for engineering purposes.


Wastewater treatment system consists of three containers that are subsequently connected:


  1. Septic tank – is used in initial purifying from solid impurities, being collected on the bottom and then removed with a pump.
  2. Aero tank – bioreactor with an aerator. It’s filled with wastewater mud and equipped with agitator system for a better bacteria functioning.
  3. Deep purification tank – another bacteria formula for extra mud cleaning that comes from bioreactor along with the water.


Water received as a result of biological treatment can be output into the ground, it’s transparent and doesn’t have any scent.