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Bunker construction (private bomb shelter)

Since construction of a bomb shelter (or a private bunker) is considered to be a complex engineering project, it always starts off by designing specifications and estimates.

Prior to all works we carry out an investigation that aims at precise tailoring future facility to a project site. As an underground construction, at the beginning it requires a thorough structural survey as well as soil report.

Providing there’s no soil moisture, bottom of a private bunker will have the same level (or lower) as main building.

To be specific about all possible dangers we request information in MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations) of Russia to elaborate further technical construction requirement and protecting measures equipment.

By signing contract in our company “STEELS Engineering” you get a high-tech, secure, skillfully concealed private shelter. It’s our duty to design best solution fitting your needs and budget. Each project can be custom-designed and equipped with any infrastructure you might want to meet there.  We keep a tight rein on the constructing process step by step. And we are just proud of being able to provide our clients with exactly what they need!

Get in touch to enquire in more detail about work stages and equipment for your private bunker.