About us

About us

About us

Company “STEELS Engineering” is a partner of a government program that aims at creating and putting to use protective constructions of civil defense: panic rooms, anti-radiation shelters and bunkers of all kinds and capacity, designed for private use.

Our focus:

“STEELS Engineering” accomplishes all kinds of designing and constructing works of protective facilities, including quick-build bomb shelters and simplest hideouts, so as provides a full complex of maintenance services, including in-depth equipment repair and refinement of already existing constructions of civil defense, their life-support and special engineering systems.

The principle our work is based on lies in developing extraordinary solutions for population protection and providing its safety in case of emergencies during all time of peace and war.  

Operations and services provided:






Construction and repair




Other operations and services:


We are ready for any complexity, from simplest shelters to stand-by constructions that are capable of containing and maintaining life-support of a few thousands of people during all time of emergency.